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A true story of what happened to me on the way to Manchester from London, the names have been changed to protect their identity. on the night of Friday, the train is so full people had to sit on the floor, but luckily I was sitting one and sits in front of me was this gorgeous blonde woman (Eve), slender body, beautiful blond hair and perfect tits than see through white blouse was. Every time your legs keep brushing and I have enough stories to know about it, if I did not try I'll get to read anything. Therefore, both continue to play with their feet, we looked at each other smiling and cheeky. Suddenly, I felt the foot to the groin, and when I saw it, I realized I was very excited. He kept stroking my cock with her feet in my lizvicious jeans with all the wise for us, not at all. arrived at Stoke on Trent, and had to go to the bathroom, so I stopped the man at my side, I have to go in the hope that I hear and see me. I was in the bathroom of less than 2 minutes when I heard a knock, I opened the door and I was an amazing woman who made me re- connect back to the bathroom and close the door reaches. You have knees and was furiously lizvicious trying to get my pants, after all he was doing and was a long, thick black dick ( I'm just 9inch ) met her she was surprised, but we will show, as the mouth opened and gave my cock sucked me until I thought she made ​​up and push up the skirt, only to discover he was not wearing underwear, he leaned over the sink and furious start to the explosion of light day live outside it, in the sure that people would hear us when they lizvicious make so much noise, I had to cover my mouth with my hands. I fucked her in every imaginable position, bending, carrying and keeping fell on my tail, like a lot, as I was by the words of your mouth ( come, come, and the next) to tell. I'm building up cum and then she said it fuck my ass bLack studies, and pulled my dick in the ass so she had to stick my neck was, as is so strong, I felt like I was about to kill her, she was biting the neck pain I gave, after all that went in, and wow was that I love, if not the ass like a bitch and lizvicious fuck cum inside. I was fucking and then release what feels like a bucket lizvicious of semen in her, she loved it. I left, but almost fell, lizvicious so she took my cock and sucks all the memory of my sperm tail. were first and I followed him, only to find that we are in Manchester and we have the look was pure disgust some people, but do not seem to matter and why should they? She simply enjoyed the pleasure lizvicious of black cock, and I'm sure this is not the first time my ​​travels in north London as the expense of all other women who can handle the black cock like it, please let me know. Hope you enjoy and leave comments.
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